Classroom Notes

Who needs a comedian when you have a husband who started following dad joke channels on YouTube or subscribe to jokes of the day. Whenever he learns a new one, he asks, “want to hear what I heard today?”, upon entering the car when I pick him up from work. I always say yes and then end up laughing at the dumbest jokes I’ve every heard but I love those moments with him.

After a long day of work and feeling the need to unwind, it feels good to laugh. All the problems of the day or problem people drift away during the laughter. Talking with friends there’s times when you need to ball your eyes out (usually during a drama), and there’s times when you need to laugh so hard that your gut hurts. Like I said, I need it more often because of my serious nature.

Good thing I have my blog to write down any memories so that I don’t forget them. I mean, I want to remember this Sunday when I told the grocery clerk at Midtown Global Market to make sure the my husband picked out the lettuce for the salads he likes to make during the week. Last time, he picked up cabbage thinking it was lettuce. He wondered why his salads tasted so funny and when I asked him if he picked up cabbage instead he lowered his head as I started to laugh.

There’s also the time when someone I know had on two wrong shoes on the wrong feet and we all had a good laugh together. None of us, including her, had any idea who she mixed up a sandal and a tennis and had them on the wrong feet. Socks I get but she must have been in a hurry not to notice.

As you take your class this week, don’t forget to write down your daily thoughts in your notebooks. Share what you learned in class by commenting too.

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