It’s a Circus Again!

To all my readers out there, I have come to the conclusion that I’m crazy. I put myself into another juggling act in the circus because I can’t shut off the creative side of my brain. I just signed myself up for creating new art pieces for July or August. The Art Shoppe in Midwest Global Market sells local artists’ pieces, and they’ve had mine for more than a few years. They reached out to me and asked if I’d like to be featured again.

And I said, “Yes!” Then, my head proceeded to lower and shake. I know what’s coming. Anyone who hasn’t gone to book or art events has no idea that we don’t get sleep weeks leading up to the actual big day. But I’m a person of deadlines and I need a goal to get more new pieces out there.

The book I’m helping publish should be finished on my end – I’m almost done with the deep dive of reviews. Once I wrap things up with the authors, the frenzy will begin all over again.

In anticipation of this new project, I dragged my husband out the door last night and rushed into the art story for supplies 10 minutes before closing. My petite legs scurried up and own the rows in search of my color palette of pastel blues, lavender, and soft pink. All you heard was my voice shouting to the assistant at the counter, “Where are you’re metallics?” One minute to close and I hit the checkout counter.

I told my husband to brace himself and not say anything about my expensive hobby when we got to the register. I’ve been good and kept my ideas to a minimum to curb too high of an unfinished pile. 2020 was a year of use what I have at home. But this year is about renewal and growth. I’m in a time of rebirth, and that calls for new paints and color palettes.

So, sleep or no sleep my blog will continue and my next journal will be coming out in June. I’ve been writing down ways that inspire and energize that can fit into 1 week throughout the year. This is a plan and resource for anyone who needs a rebirth in their life. Look out for the self-promoting because it’s also necessary for all of us.

On a final note – I have to thank everyone who continues to “like” and comment. I really appreciate the time you take to do that small action. It might take me a few days but I try to do the same for pieces I find moving.

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~Yoon Ju

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