One Day

Is as scrolling through recommended videos when I saw the title, “One day in Paris,” and it got me thinking of our next prompt. What if you only had one day in a city that you’ve never seen? Do you have dream destinations?

During this prompt, I’ll allow you to cheat by checking out videos or writings about the destination that you want to visit for a day. Don’t spend too much time on it because the point is to write down the impression. This exercise is to help you zero in on what’s important as a reader and a writer.

When someone opens up the pages of your book, you need to understand what details are important and which ones you need to edit out. A reader will get bored if you spend pages and pages on details that don’t really matter. What they want to know is the feeling, those things they can grasp without feeling like their on an OCD loop.

Walking through the streets is the sun on your face, or do your wrap your arms around yourself because it’s too early and the morning dew is still on the grass around you. Can you hear lift of a garbage truck? The swishing of a street sweeper? Does the bell of a bakery around the corner catch your ear? I can smell warm, baked bread and the burnt grounds of coffee when I enter some on my favorite places.

Write for 5-10 minutes and think of all the details that would catch your eyes. Are you smiling or frowning?

Let me know where you are in the comments. My posts are Monday to Friday!

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~Yoon Ju

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