Day #12: Unplotting

We’re already on Day #12 of Preptober and we’ve been adding all the elements of novel into our folder. Think of yesterday as a teaser for today. We also added and now it’s time to narrow down our ideas. Today, it’s time to take a look at that outline that we put away because we’re going to take it apart.

That’s right. Get out the magnifier because we’re going to look at each chapter and plotting point that we have mapped out. If you wanted to edit, now’s the day to do it. Trust me, picking apart what we planned in chapters, and making the changes now will save us time and heartache later.

I’ve spent days fixing previous chapters because I didn’t follow this process and decided to make a change after I’ve written several thousand words. It’s like falling back off the mountain when you were lose to touching the peak, and it doesn’t help your confidence as a writer.

Using the steps in Preptober will help you get to the point where your story wants to write itself. That feeling of being in the zone comes from having all the elements of your story ready.

As you go through your outline with a fine tooth comb, remember your point is keep your reader interested. Don’t lose them as you turn the page. There should be pieces with action, dialogue that connects, and places where your character connects to your audience. Are your readers feeling your character’s emotions? Are they hooked or do you lose them after the introduction?

Ask questions. Step back and then ask if you would read your own story. Fix your outline and make changes until you feel the main elements are solid. When you’re satisfied, put that outline away to give your brain a rest.

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~Yoon Ju

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