Minnesota Snow Days

Friday is here and the talk of Minnesota is all about how much snow we’re going to get in the afternoon. Then, we all hope that the forecast for warm weather will cause a quick melt down. Well, not those who want the white stuff for Christmas. After many years of shoveling and doing the penguin walk to the car, I can skip a year.

Why hasn’t someone invented the snowshoe car when there‘s one that turns into a boat? Sometimes, I driving down the road and through the slush and I imagine having a wolverine moment when I hear the tires groan at a stoplight and then slide. Or, what about bubbles around cars to prevent serious collisions?

No matter what the weather is going to do. I have too much on my list to let it stop me this weekend. Editing will ooze from my ears. Clay will cling to my fingers as I make holiday miniatures. Hopefully, there’s time for Polish dancers and a cup of cider for an evening date. As your marriage ages, a quickie becomes a quick dinner out but your thoughts when you get home turn into a relaxing together on the sofa. Sexy is watching each other cook and clean because no one has time during the work week.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked over at my husband washing dishes and I thought it was the sweetest and sexiest thing he could be doing at the moment. Yes, I never thought I would think this but those who’ve been together a while understand. Everything takes effort – your job, errands, family, and hobbies. Those little things you should have time for but don’t mean a lot because time is precious. To those men who read my blog, remember this.

Your partner isn’t thinking about the big things. They want the trip to the grocery store with a treat just for them. They want a clean sink, or a clean bathroom. They want all the little things done so that they don’t have to expend extra energy on things they don’t really want to do. Take turns packing lunches. Return to grade schools days when you put in a note into their lunch box. Make a smiley face on their sandwich. Lean over and pay attention to each other.

We write about romantic characters but they’re better in real life. Pay it forward with them. Then, you’re making several people’s day. Do it when you’re having your worst day because it will be the one good thing that day. Sometimes we have to make our own good days. Until next week!

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~Yoon Ju

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