Winter Wonderland

The wind howled across the windows throughout the night and I woke up a few hours too early. My weekend didn’t go planned with the random coughing that occurred. Maybe it was the booster at the end of the week because I was feeling better until that little poke. Our dinner together was spent at home trying a new type of roast to see if it was worthy of brining to the holidays.

Our date time together consisted of a trip to the grocery store to pick out a special dinner and then to the groaning of my husband, we did a few drive-bys to look at some sparkly houses. Yes, our excitement during this time of year is driving past random houses of people we don’t know to look at their Christmas lights. I made my husband roll down his window to get in few photos and videos before we finally brought our groceries home.

Because I didn’t want to alert anyone in public with my random coughing fits, I stayed home and rested all weekend. The chuck roast we picked out went into the crock-pot on low for several hours before we turned it off and refrigerated it for the next day. Crock-pot food is meant to be cooked slowly for hours. Our dinner together the next day was worthy of the cold weather. We took notes on meat selection #1.

Over the next few weeks, I’m buy different kinds of cuts to see which one is crock pot worthy because that’s what we do up here when it’s cold. Our heat wave of 40 degree weather finally turned into weather for December and I’m not so sure I’m happy about it. It was really nice to walk around outside without slipping, go for a long drive and not have to worry about the roads. Okay, maybe it’s not reality up here but there are times when we feel we could go without the snow up here.

It’s kind of like those famous attractions you drive by every day but never stop at because you live there. Those kinds of things are for tourists. Well, that’s snow up here. Yes, we grumble about it every year even though we know it’s coming. There are those who love the powdery stuff but I wouldn’t mind a palm tree or two for Christmas but I know I have to go to the local conservatory for those.

There’s a little give and take. I like living up in the cooler weather during most of the year. Maybe when I’m older, I’ll turn into one of those who migrate south for the winter. That is, if the weather events can be more predictable in certain places. Let’s face it, these days we need to be more thoughtful in where and when we go places.

One thing I know, I’m ready for the ick to go away this winter. The sniffles, sneezes, and coughs can go away any time. I’d rather have snow than those three. As the week moves forward, let’s hope I have more time to finish all my projects. Two more journals to go before the end of the year.

If you’re wondering what to write about, think about how your character would comfort and take care of someone when their sick. What would you like a significant other to do? Don’t have one, make one up. Not to critique my husband but sometimes, it’s like that comedian on TikTok. Her husband asked how he could help when she was sick at her mom’s. She said, “Can you get out of the way so that my mom can get to me faster.”

Sometimes, we just need our mom to take care of us because she knows how to dote on us the right way. We just need to be the big ball of neediness. No, I’m not criticizing anything at home – well, sometimes those of us who are married, wish our spouses would get more of a clue on how to comfort someone like mom or dad. That’s all I’ll say before you get to your writing.

I wish everyone good luck on their own work!

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~Yoon Ju

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