What is a UFO Today?

Last night was a first as a foodie. I watched a YouTube video of a restaurant chain in South Korea and they make burgers in the shape of UFO’s. There was something inside that growled and immediately wanted to try the spaceship looking burgers. Meat, tomato, lettuce, cheese and sauces are pressed down into a gigantic bun to reveal a UFO shape. Not only do I want to try one but I want to know who thought up this idea.

I have to give them points for creativity.  South Korea is also the king of giant waffles topped with anything the heart can desire but that’s a different kind of griddle.  The owner of the chain had to have the presses specially made for their chain. Can you imagine sitting the board room going over the funding for that conversation?

Now, let me get to the good part.  The meaning of their UFO means, Unexpected First Orgasm.  Only a foreign chain could get away with that name.  There are some mixed reviews but most good reviews come from Los Angeles on TripAdvisor. 

Why am I bringing up UFO burgers today? Yes, I’m a foodie but that’s not not the point.  I’m writing about this chain restaurant because it’s part of thinking outside the box and improving our creativity.  There should be something unique about your story that sets it apart from all the other stories out there, especially if you’re going to use a popular trope. 

As yourself if your reader will UFO during your story.  Will your reader drool for more at the end of your chapter?  If it doesn’t, then rewrite.  Not adding in a real reason why the story needs to be told means you’re just another chain restaurant that may not stay in business. 

Today is short and hopefully a tasty bit of advice.  I’m off to find some more unusual finds, or people who are weirder than me.

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~Yoon Ju

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