Day Two of One Paragraph

How is your paragraph writing going? I kept my fingers going after yesterday’s late evening post and went back-to-back into today. Like I said, once I get myself going it’s easier to let the fingers fly. My struggle to get started is something I’ve learned to accept about myself.

The important thing about understanding my own habits, is that I’ve found ways to reinforce the feeling of knowing that I have pushed myself to accomplish something even if it’s small. Knowing that you can achieve something does make a difference because it creates a pathway for your brain that becomes familiar. Then, it’s not as difficult to get past a road block the next time.

Think about it like running the same route every day. The first time you run the course you planned it can feel exhausting, like every step took twice as long. Then, over time your body and mind get used to the rhythm, the scenery you pass, and the experience becomes another wrinkle in your brain. The route you take doesn’t feel as long after a week, or a month because your created a rhythm or routine.

You can transfer this example to any new experience or habit that you want to change. You just need to show your body and mind that you can get past the first step. Then, you do it again.

So, we’re going to keep the pattern going. Write another paragraph again today. Break it down if you get stuck. Stopping and starting is okay as long as you get it done. Starting small is okay. Don’t worry about the ending just focus on one thing. Getting it done!

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~Yoon Ju

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