My Fae Prince

My calming music played in the background with a fairy like house of glass in the background and I thought about my story of the gatekeeper’s daughter and the Fae Prince. Since my goal is to get one more page done, I focused on one scene at the beginning. Every story needs a meeting place in the beginning.

I thought I would share some raw writing today for today’s prompt. Continuing from last week, turn those visuals into words. It’s time to make your chapters come alive. The focus is to get one piece of a chapter started to motivate you to keep writing.

Here is my 5-10 minute prompt:

The moonlight shimmered over the quiet lake and small flickers of light bounced off the windows of the glass solarium in the middle of the lake. Her meeting place was built by the hands of her grandfather as a wedding gift to her grandmother. Nora walked slowly around the walls of glass with green vines and the light scent of flowers surrounding.

She lit one candle at a time and her mind started to wander. Her grandparents spend their wedding night out on this island in the middle of the lake wrapped in each other’s arms with nothing but the sound of the water and the moon for light.

As she blew out the match that almost touched the tips of her fingers she thought of him. A flash of his long white hair and dark violet eyes traveled over hers as they lay together on the soft mattress in the middle of the floor. How many times had she imagined them together here when she was a teenager?

“You called Nora?”

She spun around at the sound of that deep, familiar voice and her eyes blinked in shock. He stood in front of her in some long coat threaded in gold and the colors of the moonlight. He was her prince. Her eyes went to the crown in his head and she saw him smile at her.

He bowed the way he always greeted her. “I thought you would be here.”

He stepped toward her and she couldn’t move. Was he real? His lips smiled as if he read her thoughts. When he stopped just in front her, her head lifted. Why was he taller? Why was he dressed this way tonight? Before she could ask, his lips dipped toward her ear and she felt his breath over the top. Her body shivered.

“It’s okay. I missed you too.” He lips brushed a quick kiss on her cheek.

She sucked in a breath and tried to keep her heartbeat steady. “Finn?”

His eyes smiled down at her again and her heart thumped harder. His hand reached up and brushed over her hand.

“Yes, my love.”

Her hands clamped down over the top of his on her shoulder to see if he was real. His pale skin that sparkled like diamond dust was warm to her touch. Then, her hand moved over his heart. Her eyes watched his as he smiled down at her. She felt his heartbeat quicken.

“How did you get here?”

His eyes laughed gently down. “You know. You’ve always known. Through the gate at the North.”

“But -“

His finger gently pressed over her lips. “No more questions. You know the answers. You’ve always known. Don’t listen to the thoughts in your head. Listen here.”

His palm rested over her chest and she felt it lift and heave under his hand. The same feeling in the pit of her stomach twitched and pulled. She did know. He was her prince. Those stories she used to tell herself weren’t just the silly stories of a little girl. Her mother couldn’t tell her to stop pretending anymore because she understood now.

Her hands moved over his arms and squeezed again. She was afraid he was going to disappear again. Leave her like he always did in the middle of the night. She felt him lean closer until his lips hovered over hers. His warmth breath was over hers. The scent of the flowers shifted and changed into him. It was as if she was getting drunk on him.

She couldn’t wait as his lips just hung in the air over her. The backs of her heels lifted up and she pressed herself into him. The feeling in the bottom of her stomach unwound slowly and her thoughts fell away. They belonged together.

The air around them moved and she felt something change as he lifted her closer. The veil that he always left between them lifted. This was what she wanted, what she waited for every night she came out here.

The rest is to be continued. Let me know if you want to hear more. Yes, I have work to do but this is another good start after the introduction I started last month. I’m still not too sure about the names. My posts are Monday to Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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