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I thought my blog was going to be filled with summer road trip stories in Minnesota but how could I forget city life. During the summer in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul you can expect Thursday and weekend Farmer’s markets, Twins game crowds, and many summer music and festival events.

Although many locals feel like safety in the city has gone down, you will still find crowds at block parties, art events, and annual city celebrations. Despite some concerns, we still take advantage of the warm weather because it’s precious up north. I could fill my blog with downtown Minneapolis skyway stories but that’s for another day, and I’m sure you’ll read about them later.

For now, I’m on the hunt for local markets that don’t cost an arm and leg to attend and to become a vendor. I held off on a Spring event at the Minneapolis Convention Center because the price for vendors was over $700. I don’t know about you but I actually like to make a profit at event, and not feel like I’m a casino slot hoping that I break even. If you’re going to sell your creations at an event, including books, then you need to be aware that you are entering a zone that might include the sale of crickets. I’ve had shows with little to no sales, and ones where I’ve run out things to sell.

When you run a business, like selling your books, you need to be strong enough for all the highs and lows that come with running a business. Every business has good and bad days. Finding ways to promote yourself, add links, and market yourself will help but there will still be days when you ask yourself why you do what you do. Every writer has asked the question of why they write in the back of their mind. You need to hold onto your dream, and it has to be strong enough or you might end of up some day aisle with other people who never publish their book.

Why am I writing about local markets this week? Because this is your homework. Look for local markets, events, and attend an event with your books. Tag along with a friend who sells other kinds of items. There will be some events that require planning ahead of time but there are also flea markets where you can pull up a table, first come first serve, and pay little to nothing.

You’ll be putting yourself out there, and there’s no guarantee of sales but it’s a fear that you need to get over. To give yourself a better chance, have your friends stop by your table and read a few lines of your work. If you have other crafts that you can sell, you’ll increase your chances even further. And remember, everyone there is dreaming of the same thing, selling their own ideas.

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~Yoon Ju

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