Tuesday #12 Stuck

I think today’s prompt word belongs to Pooh! The moment I looked at the word for Day #12 – stuck, I immediately pictured Pooh stuck in a hole trying to get his honey. I know many of us can related to the this word because we’ve all been here during our creative process. I really feel this way when I realize that I have to find more energy to actually sell what I’ve created.

What does this word mean to do? Is it literal? Or is this how you’re feeling when it comes to your plot? During my breaks, I watched a video of people stuck on an amusement park ride, dangling in the air. How you you feel stuck upside down with your stomach where it’s not supposed to be?

I’ve written about two office employees who were stuck in an elevator. Their chemistry took over from the many times they took in the smell of cologne and perfume after working on a projects together to make their sales goals. Brushes of hands while grabbing for paper at the same time. A silent attraction creates tension on the page, and you get to write down all the subtle things that make you fall in love with someone.

Romance, Halloween, and today’s word prompt might create something that wouldn’t happen any other time of the year. Embrace the changing leaves while, watch squirrels. My entertainment for the beginning of the week is our neighborhood squirrel. He likes to perch on the edge of our patio railing in the sun. I think it’s the tail, the extra fluff, that makes them cute.

I’ll leave you to your word prompt of the day. My posts are Monday through Friday. Get Inking!

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~Yoon Ju

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