Minneapolis Holiday Exodus

Offices are beginning to empty throughout downtown Minneapolis and people are bracing themselves for travel days. Is your Turkey thawing in the refrigerator, or the bathtub? We all have our own ways of tackling the big day. Last year, I made my first crock pot Turkey because my family decided to postpone any gatherings. Everything turned out but it wasn’t the same.

There’s something different about mom’s cooking -maybe it’s her shameless way of adding butter to everything. Julia Child would be proud. I even worked out a few more times than normal to get ready to sit down at the table. I’ve even learned to forgo the slim fit pants. It’s all about comfort, filling myself full, and then sitting around in pre-napping state to watch all the football games.

Numbers are drawn to see who will have the winning numbers at the end of each quarter. If you’re lucky, you win enough quarters to play a few card games. It might not be enough to go to the casino but it’s a way to keep every from falling asleep from a full belly. I’m not as fanatic as other people in my family when it comes to sports but I get my dose of games turned on with my husband.

For the next few days, I’m working on final edits for my fellow authors. I’m also hoping to squeeze in some me time for my own novel. I usually spend holiday weekends up until late in the night typing away until the sun starts to rise. It will be another push to get in any pages for myself because the other projects always take longer than expected. As long as they meet their timelines, I’ll be happy.

May you get in some of your own me time to get closer to your writing goals. If you’re looking for a prompt, think about a holiday short. Have your characters meet at the grocery store, and there’s only one turkey left in the freezer.

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~Yoon Ju

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