Free Flow Friday

Friday is here again and I’m gearing up for another exciting weekend.  This past month, I’ve been helping a partner get their eBook and Audio Book published.  It’s exciting to see someone else’s success grow, knowing you helped someone else get closer to their dream.  Their previous book numbers are growing and we unleashed a creative overflow by turning their Written book into an Audio book.  Let the publishing platforms open!

Since the weekend is here, I wanted to set a different kind of mindset and get my literary gears turning.  A change in voice and thought is due to reach deep down and find my free flowing voice.  I started with Visual Poetry in the form of finding a new classical music artist.  Their music video created a new kind of mood and words starting overflowing in my brain.  I decided to write down the images and feelings that formed in my mind.  Here is the story that started below.

He stood barefoot on the rock of our meeting place

When he turned those two eyes still played the melody of our memory

The only signs of battle held in his soul was the months, days, and minutes

He waited for me to return to our home togetherNo talk of how far apart we drifted or what memories spread between us

All that mattered was that were together againLike two lost instruments set adrift on the sea

A current too strong and fast to keep us standing in the same place together

Our melody too strong to keep us apart forever

The song haunted and lingered Playing in the background

An orchestra that followedLike a shadow

We stood in silenceI reached out for his hand again

And my soul relaxed

Time changed us

But my biggest fear was never seeing you again

So we stand again Like two lost pilgrims

Only this rock is now our native land together.

Who was the artist I listened to this Friday?  Cellist, Stjepan Hauser, played “Alone, Together” on the top of a rocky seaside town.  You can find the exact video at

Follow as I post on my progress throughout the month and share the experience.
~Yoon Ju

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