February Fantasy Week

The approach of Valentine’s Day can be a source of inspiration for writers this week. This week we’re going to turn to other authors of romance. Today, we’re starting out with an interview with Jenna Moreci, author of Savior’s Sister. Jenna is an author of fantasy novels and the link to her interview can be found at the end of today’s post.

One big question that all authors have when it comes to writing fantasy novels, is how do you write romance? There are several ways writers incorporate this theme but the interview points out the most critical answer. What happens to the novel when you remove the romance? When you add romance to your plot but it can survive without the element, then you have a novel with romantic elements. If you’re story can’t survive with your story of undying love, then you have a fantasy romance.

Asking the critical question of whether or not romance is going to be the heart of your novel or an element is an important to ask before you start writing. When this question is clear in your head, then it will show in your writing. Your audience will feel if this question is a struggle or is muddled.

Talking about fantasy, Jenna went over one of the big reason’s it’s great for romance. In fantasy, you get to use external obstacles that transcend different worlds. You can develop your two main characters involved in a relationship using a quest, a fight against an evil force, or other life and death situations. One of the followers of this live interview said a great line that made every laugh, “Those characters that slay together, stay together.”
Another benefit to romance in fantasy is that many writers find it easier to write about a healthy relationship. The plot doesn’t have to focus on just the relationship. The fights can be external and the characters involved can fight against the person with the issues. Relationships can get more functional as you get to the end of the book and the characters learn how to work together toward their quest. The audience of today is tired of old tropes or themes of unequal or abusive themes of many older genres, such as historical romance.

Before I leave you to explore the links below or find your own fantasy story, I have to end with one piece of advice. I had to laugh when the interview went over world building because I’ve done it too. Your focus can shift from the characters to building your fictional world. You need to zero in to the write part of the story, your focus should be on the characters with the world your building in the background. Give enough detail but don’t spend pages laying down the stones roads and forgetting the reason you started writing the story. You write to tell the story of your characters, not to spend pages on the origin of the stones of the road they walk on.

Take a look at the live interview from iWriterly with Jenna Moreci at:https://youtu.be/892700x2cOA

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~Yoon Ju

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