Friday Virtual Tours

Friday is here and it’s time for a virtual tour. I, like many other writers, like to travel to different destinations for our stories. This past year, we’ve had to do things a little differently. Never knowing when the next snow storm will fall in Minnesota, I decided to satisfy my travel bug with virtual tours. Thankfully, resort owners and locals business left me content online so that I can see the street buildings and learn about the history of a small town in Northern Minnesota.

If you find yourself in need of details of cities or town, check your online resources. Even the smallest towns are now on Youtube. I have to say I was surprised by how many random towns you can type in and find something. Anyone who’s followed me will tell you that I’ll turn this into a writing prompt to get my wheels turning again. So, choose your city, click on a video, and write for 5-10 minutes.

I’ve learned that the small town I’ve chosen has a world famous National Geographic photographer with a gallery down the main street, along with a famous explorer. The resort owner of the video called the town a “collage of tourists and locals”, and this phrase may turn up in my novel.

A notable detail of my book that’s going to enrich this town is bringing it fictional diversity because one thing all the videos are lacking is color. Here in Minnesota they call this “Scandinavian Origin”, well rural Minnesota I’m putting down my own explorer flag that looks a little Asian on the outside and you’re just going to accept it. Diversity shouldn’t be a tourist in any town because it’s just skin color.

Can I speak for all personalities? No. Some are good, bad, and ugly. Let’s just say the ones that tend to be bad die terribly in my novels.

Follow as I post on my progress throughout the month and share the experience.

~Yoon Ju

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