Lesson #26 of MasterClass Online with David Mamet

Lesson 26 Our Closing-

“Artists are the stone that the builders rejected.” David Mamet

The New Year rang in with an empty Time Square and we are at our last lesson with David Mamet.  His parting words and references were powerful and push you as a serious artist.  He shares the advice he tells himself when it comes to life.

His lessons expresses the point that there is nothing holding us back from what we want and that it’s time to stop using excuses.  When we really want something, we’ll go after it.  Of course, there are going to be obstacles and the search for our place in the world but his words explain it all.

He said that we are the stone that the builders have rejected became the cornerstone. There’s always going to be the stone that doesn’t quit fit in the wall, so the builders set it aside until they realize that they need it.  We are the one stone that holds the wall together.  

Don’t ask what hinders you from writing your book?  Don’t wish.  A wish is proclamation of something you’re not going to do.  Don’t think of the fame.  Just write and focus on the goals that you can attain and that are in your control.  Focus on the one thing you are good at, like writing, and get better as you learn.

David ended with a scene from, The Demolished Man, by Alfred Bestor.  In this science fiction, detective novel, a futuristic society telepathic skills are common.  Those with abilities are held at a higher level in society, and everyone wants to be one of them.  He went on to talk about the scene where people are applying to the school and everyone is in line.  Those watching people apply silently tell if anyone can hear them, the go to the door on the left that says “no admittance” and walk through.

It’s our time to walk through the door that says “no admittance” as artists and claim our gift.  Take the time to write with me and learn as we go through next month.  I’ve changed my challenges and blogging schedule to follow his advice in the New Year!

~Yoon Ju

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