Lesson #24 MasterClass Online with David Mamet

Lesson 24 Life of a Dramatist

We are a few lessons away from the end of MasterClass with David Mamet and the timing is perfect for the new year.  He really gets into the heart of what makes a real writer, and it comes down to getting in the habit of doing it.

David compared our consciousness to groves lumps of mud.  We make the first pour of water into mud it’s going to create a path and the next one is going to follow that same path.  This is how we use our own electrical impulses to create the habit of writing.

A new year is a few days away and we need to dedicate ourselves to our craft.  Our future is uncertain but David went on to compare his 60 years around writing and the theater to a life of self direction.  Writing is like raising children and you get everything wrong but you never stop being a parent.  You have to figure it out for yourself.

Start out next year by starting with the right habit.  I decided to take his advice.  The blogging and social media turned into it’s own child and my novel is crying during the middle of the night to have it’s diaper changed.  Your work can’t be ignored if you really want to publish that novel.  Join me as I post another month of progress.

Join me at https://www.masterclass.com/ if you need to work on your craft.

~Yoon Ju

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