Day #20 of NaNoWriMo

Day #20 of NaNoWriMo – Writing Exercise

This Friday is all about Road Trip Writing – No editing:

The drive out of the cities was all about shifter mates and century old prophecy.  My mind drifts to my story.  I think about my characters and imagine them sitting in the car with me.
Which one of them would need to stop because their hungry or drank too much coffee on the way?  

Fog drifts across the highway and grows thicker as we get closer to our destination.  It grows so thick that we have to pull off into some unknown small town.

We crawl into a small town that looks deserted and we head down Main Street. The lights are off in the gas station and the tiny post office.  An eerie feeling makes the hairs on the back of your next raise.

Stop!  I hit the breaks and all of my characters lurch forward.  Some of them shout! 

When right in front of us a herd of deer and a few cotton tail rabbits scurry across the road. Their hooves clatter and they slip as they try to run.  Click, clack, click. Wide eyes and hurried movements flash a few feet in front of my car they fear is in their eyes.  A predator is after them.

Another quick burst of scurries!  A screeching cry makes the car shake with fear.  Then, you see the red eyes and a creature.  A monster on two legs.  

You say a silent prayer and hope that the creature doesn’t see you.  He turns in your direction and everyone holds their breath. His red eyes glow brighter but his arm raises up.  Your headlights are two saviors that blind him.

Your all frozen as you see the fanged, hairy creature that looks like one of Dr. Moreau’s experiments turns back to his herd of prey.  He darts off into the fog.

“Go! Go!”  One of your friends tries to whisper after a few seconds.  “Go!”  

Your knuckles are white and your frozen body starts to lift off the brakes while your breath panics not knowing where the creature lurks. 


What do you think happens next?  Do you get away?  Or does your nightmare come true?

These are the kind of questions I’m working out in the beginning of my chapters.  This is writing raw and real in a small town in Minnesota. No editing until later.

Continue to join me for more road trip writing!

~Yoon Ju

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