Day #16 of NaNoWriMo – Manic Monday

“Writer’s build the onion in reserve.” ~Yoon Ju Lee

Day #16 of NaNoWriMo – Manic Monday

Drizzle and clouds all weekend.  It was time to put on the YouTube Fireplace and go over the first few chapters again.  

The introduction kept me awake and I added a chapter to slow down the pace of the two characters meeting and getting to know each other.  

A novel isn’t the same as an hour Holiday movie.

I realized that my characters need to get to know each other and their personalities.

Chapters need to move them forward with driving action but I prefer the slow, building heat.  

In life, people may have instant chemistry but that can fade as quickly as it sparked.

Chemistry is a must in the beginning but every book that’s hooked me didn’t get physical until past chapter 3.

Obstacles and complications only draw us in more as readers.  Characters who can make it past difficulties are stronger and last longer.

Writer’s build the onion in reverse.  It’s our job to add layers before we reveal them.

~Yoon Ju

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