Becoming a Food Writer

Weekends are great for unwinding, exploring, and doing my favorite thing – following other foodies from around the world.  This past year changed locations but it didn’t change my love for cooking shows and baking challenges.  In my opinion, any writer who can make us drool with words and no pictures is a master of the senses.  Writers from all genres should take note.  Maybe my future self will incorporate food writing as a side dish of my current novels.

Some of you may also be foodies and writers.  How can we blend these two into one plate?  Think about it.  Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to eat all the things that makes us go Yum? Luckily, there are other writers who explored this same question.  One resource for getting started is “How to Become a Food Writer with No Experience” by Lindy Alexander.   She shares her experience of writing an article about a pastry chef friend and pitching to food publications. 

Is it that simple?  Like cooking, yes and no.  Every writer who had to make a pitch knows that it take practice and the right approach.  We’ve all had those excited moments that we skip steps because we’re so eager but take my advice – edit and create the right query.  Do research on the publications.  Then, send your pitch off to publications.  Food magazines and online resources are always looking for new content.  If you have a friend, then think about trying to get them interviewed on a food podcast.  The only deal is that your friend lets you help write their cookbooks when they become famous.

Back to Lindy.   She provides a free download on 9 different markets for food writers based on what she learned on getting published.   She also narrows down her advice into 4 points to help you get started and focus on a specific topic or market.  One important point she makes is that food isn’t political.  You’re free to broaden your horizons on food topics. 

Another important point that she makes is the market for food writing may help you get published in the writing world.  Food trends happen fast and publications are always looking for fresh content.  She said being new is an advantage in this market.  You may stand a better chance and have a smaller rejection pile.

Keep this article as your “food for thought”.  You can find Lindy at

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~Yoon Ju

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