February Role Play

This weekend I devoted my time to creative projects and following-up on other like-minded individual online.  I thought about going into detail and depth when it comes to telling stories.  My note pages and thoughts focused on talking, thinking, seeing, and feeling like one of my characters.  If you feel like something is missing, or could be better, the following exercise might help.

Making a conscious effort to stay mindful of your story as you go about your day is easy but how are thinking about your writing?  Your character development?  Here are the following tips for active mindful story development.

  1. You start your day.  Dress in the clothes of your character (Please keep it legal).  Or write down what your protagonists puts on on right away.  Do they shower?  What color is their toothbrush? 

The point of these questions is not to cram in every detail in your but to connect you, the author, to your characters.  You should know them the most, down to every detail. 

  1. Write down in detail what your characters have for breakfast.  This time go one step further and make that kind of breakfast.  Write down how the food tastes, smells, and looks.  Being able to tell your audience what reminds them of home or their favorite meals creates a full picture of their day.
  1. If your characters don’t eat breakfast, then write about the next meal.  Again, take this to the next level and create the food.  Taste test and invite someone else over to tell you what food tastes like to them.  Ask your partner or friend what their favorite meal is.
  1. Go on a food tour if you’re still at a loss.  Taste the oils.  Think about how their made and when in doubt subscribe to food writers.  Using ideas from other writers and sources is how we get better at our own craft.
  1. Stay in character.  Remember, if your protagonist has an occupation, then put yourself in their mindset.  How do they see the world?  Artists and photographers are similar but make think differently.  One is about additives and solids, and the other is about capturing light on objects.  Spend time walking in their shoes until you truly understand them.  They should be your best friend, lover, and enemy. 

Hopefully these five tips will help you actively develop pieces of your story.  Surface content isn’t going to fill the appetite of your audience.  They’re experienced readers and need nourishment.  Feed them a variety of rich foods.

Follow as I post on my progress throughout the month and share the experience.
~Yoon Ju

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