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This week I was treated to a private concert with singer, songwriter, and broadway star, Morgan James. I was the recipient of the Spirit Award from my company, Canon. I’m proud to be a part of Corporate Job. Why haven’t I made the transition? The question isn’t valid. I like what I do and I’m a lifetime author who’s published 5 books. I don’t plan on stopping either anytime soon.

Back to the concert. Morgan James is a beautiful talent who is an old soul. The songs she treated me covered Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, and Willie Nelson. I departed my dance video music and was transported into the 60s. The best part of this experience was being around another creative.

When two creatives come together, another dimension opens. We can relate to each other. She and her husband guitarist even took the time to answer questions. I asked about how she found inspiration and creativity even when she didn’t feel that way. Her reply was no surprise. There are times when the notes will pour out and never seem to end. Then, there are other times, such as finishing an album and they need to take a break. Morgan said that she takes time off after she’s done recording because it takes so much energy to complete a project. Her husband agreed, there are times when he doesn’t want to look at a guitar.
What am I getting at? I’m just sharing the natural cycle that we all go through as creative artists. We’re using energy that needs to be refueled. Don’t stress over the next book in your series. It will come. If it’s not, then you might need a break.

One positive out of this experience, was a reminder for writing prompts. If you’re not feeling in the “mood” or things aren’t flowing, then put on some music that’s in the mood you want on the pages. Your body will respond and your mindset can change. Try typing in rhythm with the music and see what that does to your writing. You might create the writing trigger you need to release all those words trapped in your head. Let them out!

I feel the need to promote other artists. You can find Saturday Performances with Morgan James at

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