January Writing Challenge Day #3

January Writing Challenge Day #3

A TikTok is echoing in my head right now and I’m asking – are we supposed to know what we’re doing?  No. Okay.  As I work on a new chapter, I stopped and asked myself, “Where am I going with this?”  

Sometimes, I laugh at our lives as authors.  Many of us write in solitude but real life is just on the other side of the door.  We’ve all been interrupted in the middle of a steamy love scene.  There’s been times when I’ve cried through tough chapters with my characters.  Those are things that David Mamet mentioned in writing.

Our audience will feel the same emotions.  It’s okay to laugh, cry, and feel with our characters.  My husband just shakes his head if I get all emotional. There’s been times when he asked if I’m writing a love scene, and I just look at him innocently and say, “no.”  Of course, the answer is yes.

At the same time, writers needs to take a step back to see if there’s anything that is missing or that will make a better chapter.   I try to leave that part for the editing process.  Writing the real, raw emotion that may need a little work is my only goal in the beginning.

Well, I’m off to plot some more.  Check in again with me tomorrow.

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