Day #13 and 14 of MasterClass Online with David Mamet

Day #13 and 14 of MasterClass Online – Dialogue

The next few lessons with David Mamet are about dialogue and I decided to combine them.  I been through several classes and lectures, and the way David explains dialogue is something that catches my ear.  He said that dialogue is like rhythmic poetry, and that’s the reason some of our classic authors wrote the way they did.  Their way of writing follows the our natural form a dialogue.

Our ears learn and remember more when it’s in sing-song or when it rhymes.  We know conversation and writing because of the rhythm.  When our characters speak, it should follow a natural rhythm.  They should also speak with meaning.  We speak to get something from each other, whether it’s a reaction, an emotion, or a response.   Think about what each person wants when you write.

David went on to say that the thrill of dialogue is discovering.  How many times have we sat down and thought we were geniuses because of one line that flowed out of our fingers?  I know you’ve all felt it.  Discover by writing down your dialogue and try it out.  

I worked on my dialogue for two months solid to improve the way my characters speak.  I wanted to know if my dialogue could stand on it’s own without the rest of the normal part that comes along with a novel.  This two month exercised worked and all I did was try it out.  

Follow David’s point, that a good writer will try it out and take it out if it doesn’t work.  The only way to get better to keep working on it.

Think of your dialogue as a poem written for two people.  The words should flow back and forth naturally.  Our characters gossip back and forth.

According to our lessons on dialogue, writing is like giving yourself another soul.  We can draw from other languages who speak like poets, and we can draw from other professions who act like poets.  We can also read great dialogue to go outside of ourselves.  Our words have the power to realize our reality.  Let your words out and speak for characters.

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